Commitment to Planet and People

Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is a wonderful example of sustainable tourism. 

We strive to offer a genuinely innovative, entertaining, informative, eco-friendly experience to visitors - one that is uniquely Thai. 

A commitment to both the planet and the people is at our core.  We believe in pursuing the middle way - where we can balance care for the natural environment and the people and communities we work with, together, with our commercial pursuits. 

For the Planet:

The very nature of the products exemplify the efforts being made to try and utilize ecologically responsible production methods and techniques that are sustainable. We're  proud of the following:

1. No trees have been cut to produce POOPOOPAPER™ papers. POOPOOPAPER™ papers are tree-free and do not integrate wood-pulp based materials.  Save the trees!

2. The POOPOOPAPER production process uses no chlorine or bleach.  That's right - chemical-free - unlike mass produced papers that are common in everyday life.

3. POOPOOPAPER is coloured with edible food coloring and not synthetic inks.

4. All graphics and printing on our finished products utilize soy-based inks.

5. All waste papers and trimmings left over from our production process is re-pulped and integrated into a new sheet or roll of paper

6. POOPOOPAPER products are memorable and attention-grabbing and a fantastic medium to leverage in order to convey the important message of conservation and sustainability.

For People:

1. We operate a flex-work, cottage-based, production framework in Thailand where many of the artisans (mostly female) have the opportunity to work at home with the flexibility to also attend to their traditional farming, household or family responsibilities.  Incomes generated often enhance a traditionally agriculture-based family income.

2. We arrange and provide employment to many ethnic minorities from rural, mountain villages whose families often originate from nearby Burma and had moved to Thailand to seek better economic opportunities or in some cases to avoid political strife.  The company often assists staff through the bureaucratic process of obtaining a legal work permit which is a prerequisite for access to benefits and services offered by the Thai government.

3. We adhere, and in many cases exceed, fair trade principles. The company pays decent wages, and fulfills its legal and financial obligations as an employer with social security contributions into the government-backed retirement savings plan, unemployment insurance plan as well as comprehensive health care coverage programs. We make available interest-free loans to team members if requested and offer either free or heavily subsidized accommodations on a first-come first-serve basis to any team member interested. 

4. We have been audited on-site and certified by Social Accountability International's SA8000 standard which is a global standard-setting non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving work places and communities and is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child and various International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions.

Our production facility in Thailand most recent thorough social audit was conducted in 2012 by Social Accountability International  SA8000 standards.  We rated in the 80th percentile.  We are incredibly proud of this. 

The SA8000 social audit was developed to help ensure that workers of the world are treated according to basic human rights principles.  "SA" stands for social accountability and is run by Social Accountability International (SAI) which was founded in 1997.  It's a global standard-setting non-profit organization dedicated to improving workplaces and communities and is based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of The Child and various International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions.