Sustainability! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Creative Problem Solving!  Learning by Doo-ing!  Inspirational! History of Paper!

A school visit to Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park makes for an educational and memorable field trip that will expose students to:

  • Creative recycling using alternative waste fibers instead of trees
  • How we make paper from animal waste, namely elephant poo
  • The 5000 year history of paper by tracing its origins in Egypt and China through to the present day
  • A visit to Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park can also incorporate a visit to the adjacent landfill and garbage disposal site where issues related to urban waste, pollution, land use conflicts in a growing city such as Chiang Mai can be explored.
  • Ability to touch, feel and join in the handmade paper-making process
  • The experience of witnessing the 'Sufficiency Economy' at work from up close.
  • An inspiring local project that encourages students of all ages to both think creatively as well as outside-the-box.

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